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  • People generally spend more time planning a vacation and getting babysitters for the days they're away than they do planning for an event in their lives...including death...that requires someone else to provide for and raise their children for years.
  • Recent studies show that a person is 6 times more likely to become disabled in a given year than to die. Perhaps a car wreck, falling down stairs, dementia, whatever. Are you ready? Do you care? If not, don't you think the people who care about you care?
  • If you don't properly document...and control...what you want to happen with your stuff, including how it's used to provide for those you love, either the State or someone you might not like so well will.
Everybody needs a life plan, not just a death plan. Do you have one? Is it up to date?

 for 6 reasons why you should plan your life, legacy and
for a preliminary self-analysis to help decide if your estate plan should be Will-based or trust-based.